A new team, a new Keyd!


"If I've seen further, it is by standing in the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

The phrase from Sir Isaac Newton have a complete link with what we've done in the past and will do from now on. Be it the said giants who supported us so we could execute all of this, be them who supported our new (and old) players, maybe even our own players, but mainly that this giant may be Keyd. Upon the shoulders of giants we grow, we see further, we get better. And this is what we're aiming to be, this giant, for both our partners and players and in the same way that they can be that for us.


Today Keyd reborned, with a new identity, a new name, a new philosophy and new players. Keyd Stars (kStars) as we will be known from now on, stars in the plural, that will shine together, side by side, with intensities that may very according to the situations, but that will add to each other after all for what really matters, the results as a group, as a team.

We knew that the charge of the time that we replace the players that have left and were huge icons of our team would be enormous, therefore we didn't measure efforts in order to fulfill your expectations. After all, we're certain that we didn't let you down.


From the old rivalry between Loop and brTT, two of the main marksman that Brazil had, to the ever growing rivalry between those who were considered two of the strongest mechanically skilled players in our country that are Mylon and brTT, the Keyd Stars already starts unusual, bringing together rivals that represents what's best at playing in the bot and toplane in Brazil. With Mylon going back to his former role where we has considered by man as world class, and a new bot lane between two of the most experienced bot lane players of our territory, a combination of marksman and support that only a few would believe be possible, with Loop and brTT side by side. That plus a player that is considered by us the biggest promise of League in Brazil, Shini, as our 6th players, who will develop this role as never before done or seen in our country and will show the real value of said position.

"Few would believe be possible", we repeat the phrase because it defines well what we've set up in our team, bringing together three of the biggest brazilian eSports stars, a huge hope for our future and two incredible additions that are the South Korean SuNo in the midlane and Winged as jungler.

Making what many would consider impossible, we're aiming not only conquering everything in the brazilian territory, but also really represent Brazil well (while a brazilian-rooted organization whose pillars are brazilians), in the way our country deserves and is already used to by other sports, outside our lands, in international tournaments.

For that, beside bringing in international experience, we have within our planning periods of practicing outside of Brazil, looking for a bigger evolution and adaptation, repeating a formula that have already worked well in brazilian electronic sports.

With the signings of these foreigner players, our biggest concern at this moment is the adaptation of our players to a country that is way different than what they're accustomed with, far away from their homes and cultures, alongside of course the team's communication as a language barrier is created on behalf of the languages spoken by the players. All of that was very well studied and thought, Keyd has korean roots and will take care very closely of the adaptation of SuNo and Winged to our country.

Regarding our communication, we've already studied previous cases of when both brazilian or international teams adapted their way to communicate according to their new international additions. As how exactly we will do, what's possible to say is that our communication will work in linguistic blocks (with 3 different languages) and in a huge english block that is going to be the general team decision making, rotations, teamfighting, and general shotcalling.


kStars Mylon
top laner
Back to his so well known toplane, is already a stamped figurine for those who follow the brazilian scene and Keyd, his really good mechanics and huge knowledge of the toplane are reasons for his opponents to feel fear.
kStars Loop
utility carry
Very well known face for Keyd's supporters, our captain and support, doesn't need introductions and is the safeguard of our organization, we know that we can count on him and that he will take Keyd's name forward with pride
kStars BrTT
ad carry
Our marksman, coming from a long passage for paiN, a really victorious passage by the way, including the already mentioned rivalry with the players from our team. Owner of a huge character, personality and ability as a players, he comes to form one of the most feared botlanes in Brazil, and why not the world. The shining lights in his eyes for a victory is really clear, when we thought about someone who could help us get to the next level, his name was the first one quoted.
kStars SuNo
mid laner
Former SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy Blue and Quantic Gaming player, considered by many Faker's biggest rival when both were still considered amateurs and would only play solo ranked in South Korea, and also when both almost at the same time joined SK Telecom T1 to be the midlaners of teams 1 and 2 of the organization. Possessor of an enviable notion at the midlane and extremely advanced mechanics, SuNo will come to be our ace, fundamental key in our planning, so we can fulfill it.
kStars Winged
With an extremely recent passage at Najin Black Sword as their second jungler, he will bring much needed synergy with SuNo and a different vision from the jungle that we seeked to have. Extremely well recomended inside South Korea and considered to be at the level of some of the great jungler of the country.
kStars Shini
6º Player
Our diamond to be cut, his role inside Keyd beside of course try to grow as a player will be essential as sixth player, helping in specific training situations and matchups, helping in the analyses of games and scrims, and obviously go in and play whenever one of our players, for whatever reason, can't be present.


Our team will meet starting next week in our Gaming House located in São Paulo/SP/Brazil to the start of the practice schedule. Updates will be posted frequently in our social network pages, with our house tour when all of our players are properly installed, the arrival of SuNo and Winged in Brazil, the first encounter as team mates between brTT, Mylon, Loop and Shini, long time rivals, among many other things!

Graciously Renan Philip - Coach Keyd


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